Company Profile

Company Profile

At the core of Eigopop’s vision lies the idea that language equals progress. Real communication happens when you combine language with the right environment and motivations. It’s a living thing that won’t flourish in classrooms and on paper alone. Language is a change of perspective. Language is nourished right there in the middle of life: in a setting rich with impressions and real people. Our goal is to bring that setting to as many Japanese children as possible, at their parent’s convenience.

The Founders

The Founders

Eigopop’s three founders are quite the happy international team. One-third Japanese, one-third German, and one-third American. With the Japanese and German parts living in California for many years and likewise the American part in Japan. Eigopop’s home is Tokyo. Our combined backgrounds in the entertainment industry, child education, and software development are what defines us as a team: a love for creativity, learning, and change.

Ken Rangkuty


Co-Founder / CEO

Producer, Maker. Ken has a long standing love for entertainment, management, and creative output. Works include productions for Sony, Microsoft and compositions for Hollywood and Japanese movies and TV shows. Of German-Indonesian descent Ken has spend his time between Los Angeles, Germany, and Asia. Ken takes care of product design and business relations. MBA, Media Psychology UCLA, admirer of change and innovation.

Mayumi Kaneyuki

カネユキ マユミ

Co-Founder / CPO

Educator, Entertainer, Kid’s Darling. Mayumi’s extensive background in child language and music education give her a direct line to a child’s mind. Having worked for Horipro and Oksana School of Music in Beverly Hills Mayumi has taught children of both English and Japanese backgrounds. Mayumi has lived in New York, Los Angeles, and Germany before co-founding Eigopop. Mayumi takes care of educational content, client communications and teacher training. Santa Monica College, TOA Hollywood, Yoga aficionado.

Elliott Fiedler


Co-Founder / CTO

Renaissance man, full-stack developer and creator with a deep interest in computer science and the arts. Elliott enjoys meeting the challenges apparent in both web and native applications. Working in Tokyo as a head language instructor has given him insights into Japan’s prominent methods of child education and a sensitivity to what appeals to Japanese children. As a composer and producer his work has been featured by MTV, Sony Music and BBC Radio 1. Colorado State Grad, loves ginger tea.

Company Profile

Company Name: Eigo Pop, Inc.
Address: 〒 107-0062, Wing Aoyama 942, Minami Aoyama 2 - 2- 15, Minato - ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81 3-4540-2207
Established: December 2016
Bank: Shinsei Bank, Ltd. Head Office